7 Family Friendly Things to Do in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

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Manuel Antonio is one of the favorite destinations for tourists in Costa Rica and this is all for good reasons. The area is the perfect blend of rainforest greenery and pristine white sand beaches. Manuel Antonio provides the small town feel making you feel homey during the visit. Moreover, you are conveniently positioned for activities all around Manuel Antonio. With less than an hour’s drive you are able to visit various parks around Manuel Antonio providing different activities.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Here are Some of the Fun Things to do in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica:

Hiking and Swimming at Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most visited places in Costa Rica. The park provides the perfect blend of the jungle and the beach. There are several beaches accessible in the park. There are also three trails that you can follow to enjoy hiking. As you hike, you will see all the available wildlife in the park like sloths, monkeys, frogs, snakes and more. You can also use a guide to get you around the park so that you get to enjoy it in its entirety and learn of all the flora and fauna in the park. You can also visit the beaches Manuel Antonio, Gamelas, Puerto Escondindo, and Playa Espadilla. Most of the beaches are ideal for swimming.

Visit the Kids Saving the Rainforest Sanctuary

This sanctuary was started by kids back in 1999 to help rescue and rehabilitate injured animals. The sanctuary now does more by raising awareness, planting trees, conducting research, training volunteers and so much more. Recently, the sanctuary made international news by being the first to conduct a c-section on a sloth in attempts of saving the baby and the mother. The rehabilitated animals are released to the wild while those that need constant care are kept at the sanctuary. During the tour, you will see parrots, nocturnal Kinkajous and 5 different species of monkeys; spider, squirrel, Tamarins, marmosets and white faced monkeys.

Visit Playa Biesanz

If you are looking for the most tranquil beach to visit then the Biesanz beach is the one for you. The beach is a hidden gem away from the other four main beaches on Manuel Antonio. The waters at the beach are calm making a perfect swimming spot for kids. The area is not crowded like the other beaches and therefore is a perfect place for families to hang out and relax the whole day. At the beach you will find vendors selling drinks and renting out equipment that make your swimming activities fun. It is free to visit the beach.

Catamaran Cruises

The best way to enjoy the sunset in Manuel Antonio and Quepos is from the ocean on a catamaran cruise. Most of the companies offering catamaran cruises include activities such as snorkeling and search for whales and dolphins. It is also a great time for spotting sea birds like the frigatebird. Some catamaran cruises are party like cruises best suited for adults but there are also the quiet ones ideal for the whole family. The cruises start at the marina Pez Vela in Quepos. The catamaran stops where there are still waters suitable for snorkeling, diving, water sliding and swimming. A catamaran cruise is one of the things to do in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica that really completes your vacation.

Kayaking Through the Damas Island Mangrove

For a really relaxing experience you should kayak through the Damas Island mangrove or take a boat tour. The mangroves are thick and the waters black. Your guide will lead you to see wildlife in the mangroves that you might never have noticed on your own. Some of the wildlife you expect to see here include; snakes, white faced monkeys, anteaters, kingfishers, herons, ospreys, frigots and many more. The guide will also keep you engaged with explanations of the nature of the mangrove. The ride is quiet and you interact with the wildlife at a close level since they are not scared away by noise.


If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Manuel Antonio from the air then you are in for a treat. You also get to enjoy a view of the coastline while parasailing. This is a great bonding activity for the family. Most providers will allow kids from 3 years old to engage in parasailing. You can rent either a single, double or triple ride for 15 or 30 minutes.

La Iguana Chocolate Tour

If you have kids with you, the La Iguana chocolate tour will be perfect for you. The farm is located in the lush rainforests of Mastatal and is family owned. The family allows for guests and school tours. Here you will get to taste their delicious chocolate and also learn of their chocolate making process.

There are many other great things to do in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica but these will set you off in the right path to enjoying the vacation with your family.